50 Ways to Get Parasympathetic for Optimal Body & Brain Function

Parasympathetic mode is our ultimate internal anti-stress solution.

Many people are unhealthy because they aren't spending enough time in a parasympathetic mode, which is required by both the body and brain for proper function.

Parasympathetic mode is the recharge and repair state of the central nervous system that permits rest, recovery, and repair of our organs and brain. The parasympathetic nervous system enables our fullness of health and fertility. When the parasympathetic nervous system is dominant (as opposed to the sympathetic nervous system, which governs our "fight or flight" stress-handling response), it gives our brain and bodily organs a "rest and digest" break -- particularly reducing demands on our overtaxed adrenals and liver. 

It's impossible to sustain long-term brain, organ and fertility function without ample daily time in parasympathetic mode. 

How do we get into parasympathetic mode? Well, sleep. A stress-free vacation. Sometimes these things are in short supply. Fortunately, there are other ways to get into parasympathetic mode. 

Activities that encourage parasympathetic mode dominance can generally be thought of as activities we enjoy and do to take care of ourselves.

To get the assortment of activities listed in the infographic, I shot a text out to my friends and family, asking them what they do to relax and take care of themselves (aka, how they get in parasympathetic mode!). I got some great responses from some great people.  :)

Parasympathetic activities don't trigger the "fight or flight" response of sympathetic mode, where the body and brain must work hard to manage stress. Unlike sympathetic activities -- which include things like intense exercise, work, crisis handling, driving in traffic, chronic toxin management, illness or digestive stress, trauma, constant vigilance, overactivity, lack of sleep and other forms of stress -- parasympathetic activities do not interfere steal energy from the body's natural healing capacity (or fertility!). Parasympathetic mode activities are recharging, not draining. 

Most people need to make intentional time for parasympathetic mode activities to encourage optimal function of their body, brain, health and fertility.  

Are you making time for activities that encourage parasympathetic mode?