Your Acne Map - The Solution is in the Problem

You. Me. We. Have had icky red acne. 

And many of us have had far more than a single icky red bump.

I struggled with acne for years and know how prolonged or chronic acne -- particularly adult acne -- can be insanely annoying, embarrassing, and frustrating.

No one knows for sure why acne "picks" on some people more than others. However, there's some research that suggests individuals with particularly damaged intestinal flora are more prone to acne and other skin conditions like rosacea, psoriasis, vitiligo, etc. I've found this research to ring true in both my personal and professional experiences.

I had some of my worst acne in my mid-20s while I was relying on a diet heavy on the carbs, sugar, (low or no-fat) pasteurized dairy, and all varieties of highly processed and refined foods. At that time, I ate almost no fat or protein and not enough veggies. I drank a lot of pop and alcohol, stayed up too late, and exercised too much. I put extreme stress on my digestion, adrenals, liver, pancreas, kidneys, and female hormones. 

Over the years, I've tried (too) many (expensive) topical external "acne-cure" creams and products, including prescriptions. Not one of them worked -- some actually made my acne worse. It wasn't until I changed my diet and lifestyle that my acne faded away. 

Life without acne is so much easier. I no longer waste time and money fussing with make-up, useless skincare products, and intricate cleansing regimes. (I use hot water and a washcloth to wash and scrub my face a few times a week, that's it!) I don't have to worry constantly about unsightly and distracting blemishes. 

But I'm still human, and I do still get the occasional pimple. Often it's from dairy consumption (animal milk has a high level naturally occurring estrogen). Or from stress -- and fortunately, I now know which organ is overtaxed and how to (better) support it.

Since studying a version of Chinese Medicine known as "face mapping," I'm a big believer in the way in which the location of each pimple indicates a particularly overburdened organ. On many occasions, face mapping has turned out way too accurately for me to be repeat coincidence. 

The body is incredible -- it has its own language of communication, and acne is one of those languages. 

I hope you find the Acne Map useful in better understanding your body's internal needs!