Getting Your Mind + Food Right to Overcome Binge Eating - My Interview on the Half Size Me Podcast

I'm deeply honored to share this interview where I talk overcoming binge eating, food-related health issues + nutrition with Heather of the popular Half-Size Me podcast!

We examine the physical, mental, emotional + nutritional barriers that keep us from our weight and health goals and trap us in the cycle of binge eating.

Listen to us talk hope + help on what's needed to move away from those unwanted patterns with food to a healthier, happier size and life!

215 – Half Size Me: Why You Must Change Your Self Worth to Succeed with Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Laura Carr

In this episode of The Half Size Me™ Show, Heather + Laura talk about:

  • good food heals -- a true real-life story of reversing diabetes, high cholesterol, PCOS, hormone imbalance, infertility + more
  • how to reduce your binge eating now
  • what's your food fence?  how nature no longer dictates our food decisions
  • foods that trigger binge eating
  • foods that prevent binge eating -- and reduce + satisfy hunger/cravings, stabilize weight, keep you full + are least likely to trigger binge episodes
  • macronutrients -- carbs vs fats?
  • "true" protein confusion -- are too many "pseudo" proteins sabotaging your efforts?
  • your body image + self-worth -- where these need to be to support change + success
  • how to deal with other's reactions to your changes

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