How I Fixed My Health Naturally (and why You Can, too)

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Image courtesy of samuiblue /

The no-frills story of my health problems and natural recovery.

I hope it helps you understand why I started and why I'm so passionate about helping others find their optimal state of health, naturally.

Here goes!  :) 




Immune System Problems

When I was a kid I was constantly sick, alternating between infections, colds, strep throat. I regularly had allergies, asthma, swollen glands, runny nose, headaches, migraines, skin rashes, ear infections, excess plaque, bad breath, cankersores, eczema, sinus infections. Often I woke up with dry, puffy, swollen eyes. I always had bruises, but didn't remember how I got them. My hands, feet, and armpits sweat constantly and profusely (hyperhidrosis) which was horrifyingly embarrassing to me. 


Food Problems

In my late teens and early 20s, more health problems found me. I had bouts of anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, seasonal and mild depression. I developed bulimia and binge eating. I was addicted to sugar. I was pre-diabetic.


Infertility & Hormonal Imbalances

I became infertile. I had PCOS, ovarian cysts, and no period for nearly a decade. I had candida and yeast infections. I had very low thyroid, adrenal, and hormone function. I had embarrassing adult acne, excessively oily skin, huge pores, and a red, inflamed face.


Digestive Disturbance

I had reoccurring peptic and duodenal ulcers, h. pylori infections, and acid reflux. I had auto-immune disease, food intolerances and leaky gut. After so many digestive pills, I had no stomach acid left. I had constipation, bloating, gas, and hemorrhoids


Hair Abnormalities

I had dull, lifeless hair. My fingernails were thin, white-specked, with dents and hollows. My eyebrows faded after 2/3 their normal length. I continually produced a fine "fur" layer of blonde hair over my arms, chest, belly, face (lanugo). I began to grow other dark, misplaced hairs (hirsutism). I regularly had painful ingrown hairs in my armpits, legs and bikini area. 


Structural Issues

Without a major triggering incident, I repeatedly herniated 2 discs in my low back with severe sciatica that caused nerve damage and a loss of sensation in my right foot. I got patellofemoral syndrome


Misc Ailments

I struggled with weight despite rampant exercise.  I alternated between athlete's foot and plantar's warts. I frequent muscle twitches, cramps, and Charlie horses. I had aches, pains and fatigue I couldn't explain. I had insomnia and almost never slept soundly through the night.


The Pills that Didn't Work

I tried all kinds of OTC meds, prescription drugs, and conventional therapies. Several surgeries were pushed at me (thank God I refused them!). I took antibiotics, steroids, cortisone shots, painkillers, skin creams, hormone replacements, acne medications, acid blockers, prescription diuretics and laxatives, diabetes medicine, and all varieties imaginable of pills, pills, pills

But, guess what friends?

Prescription drugs DID NOT WORK for me. Sometimes I got a little short-term relief, but the conditions I attempted to treat ALWAYS came back.

So I gave up on the pills and the treatments. I stopped following the blanket conventional health advice. I stopped doing what others claimed was "healthy." I changed aspects of my diet, exercise, lifestyle, and mind according to what was healthy and workable for me, personally.


The ONLY Method that Worked for Me - A Holistic Health Approach 

I was able to recover from my health issues by supporting my body's specific healing needs: consuming nutrient-dense whole foods, herbs, and vitamins; exercising sensibly and for enjoyment; finding ways to reduce and avoid stress; learning how to listen to and interpret my body's needs. My physical recovery was reinforced by cognitive strategies I found and used to support my mental and emotional health.

The holistic, combined approach was absolutely vital to my recovery. I firmly believe that,

the body can’t be well if the mind or spirit are sick; the mind and spirit can’t be well if the body is sick.

I'm incredibly thankful to say I was able to reclaim my health and recover from the conditions listed above with a wholly natural approach. I employed the natural healing powers of whole foods, herbs, and nutritional supplements in conjunction with the holistic healing powers of balanced movement, rest, play and particularly a set of deep cognitive strategies that reset my mind and emotions to a new baseline of peace. I'm so happy to say I am healthier in mind and body now than at any other point I can remember in my entire life!  :)


I Don't Expect All Issues to Have an Overnight Cure... Even though Many Have 

About 90% of my health conditions/symptoms are gone, seemingly for good!

Honestly, I can't believe how fast most of my health conditions resolved themselves once I switched to a whole food diet, made lifestyle changes, and reset my body, mind, spirit! 

My greatest triumph is that after almost of a decade of no period -- even with prescription hormones designed to induce it -- I now naturally get a regular period! What progress! As I write this, I'm patiently waiting for a few last things to fully recover. For me the big ones are my thyroid and female hormone levels, which are still just under optimal, but getting closer to normal every day. 

I didn't develop my chronic health issues overnight -- in fact some were years in the making! -- so I am realistic in understanding that a full, complete resolution may take (a little more) time.

And I'm fine with that.  :)


To the Skeptic, Suspicious, Doubter, Afraid, or Hopeless Reader

To anyone who's skeptical of holistic health and nutritional healing ... I get it.

I was for a long time. 

I've always been a skeptic. I am suspicious; I question everything.

I believed holistic health was "that stuff for quacks, hippies, and non-realists." 

I could not have imagined (and sometimes still can't!) how different true, natural health could be.

Because I was at the end of my rope, fed up with prescription drugs that cost a lot and did nothing good, I figured I had nothing to lose. That long-shot turned out to be the healthiest bet I would ever take. My experience -- and those I hear from so many others with similar stories -- is why I'm now so devoted to helping others find this supreme state of health. 


Every Person Deserves to Embody His/Her Optimal Health

Since I've discovered this full, robust state of optimal health, I am compelled to share it with others. I firmly believe that every person deserves to experience his/her optimal state of health. It's like being in a refurbished body. It feels glorious.

You, too, can seek the knowledge and help you need to restore your optimal health naturally.

I can promise you that you'll never be the same after.