Is Your Body Baby-Ready? Natural Support for (In)fertility, Conception, Pregnancy + Birth

I'm so honored to have been interviewed about anther one of my favorite topics of all time -- natural, holistic support for women's health + fertility!

The lovely ladies of the Real World Paleo Podcast and I talk on how we can naturally restore hormones, promote fertility + support the best possible environment for healthy cycles, conception, optimal fetal development, nursing, baby growth + mommy (and daddy!) care.

Show Synopsis: Christine + Amy interview certified nutritional therapy practitioner and instructor Laura Carr about all things hormones, (in)fertility, nutrition, pregnancy + getting your mind + body baby-ready. 


Link to the Interview: Is Your Body Baby-Ready? Natural Support for (In)fertility, Conception, Pregnancy + Birth - Episode 30 of the Real World Paleo Podcast



Show Topics:

  • Understanding fertility + infertility
  • Scope of infertility
  • How diet, exercise + warped societal messages contribute to infertility
  • Link between carbs, diabetes, insulin resistance, PCOS + infertility
  • Hormonal imbalances -- low progesterone, low estrogen, estrogen dominance, androgen dominance
  • Factors that hinder healthy hormones, fertility + baby development
  • Stress, thyroid, adrenals, cortisol, sympathetic nervous system + hormones
  • How to prep for conception
  • Nutrition before conception, during pregnancy + after baby
  • Alternative therapies for optimal fertility + baby development
  • Should pregnant women consume alcohol (or coffee?)
  • How tracking your natural body signs of fertility can help overcome infertility
  • Laura's personal + professional success stories

Hope you enjoy the show!

And please check out the other great podcasts that the Real World Paleo Podcast offers!  It's run by two highly knowledgeable NTPs -- Christine Lehmann, Reverse Diabetes Coach and Amy Berger, of Tuit Nutrition -- who dish about living healthy in the real world. They cover nutrition (including how to eat Paleo when you have diabetes or autoimmune issues), fitness, coping with stress, and what the research says. Tune in every Tuesday and learn, laugh and live empowered!