List of Foods to Buy Organic (and those to skip) on a Budget

Wondering which organic foods are worth the splurge?

Organic produce is always the BEST food choice -- it's the strongest guarantee we consumers have that a food is free of pesticides, insecticides and other chemical residue harmful to our heath. It also ensures that the food is not genetically modified (GMO).

Unfortunately, eating organic is not always an affordable option for those of us on a budget.

Here's an infographic I threw together showing which foods are worth buying organic, and which you might save some buckaroos on by buying conventional. The ranking is based on highest and lowest pesticide and chemical residue, as tested by the EPA.

Don't see a food on the infographic? 

In general it's good to buy berries, lettuces, and herbs organically. Food that has a peel, like a citrus fruit, is generally safer to buy conventionally (though not always!) because you can get rid of some chemicals by peeling. If you want the full list you can review 51 produce rankings on the EPA's site.