Holistic Health & Modern Medicine - Which to Use, and When?

Holistic Health & Modern Medicine - Which to Use & When?

  Image courtesy of Anekoho / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Anekoho / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Many of us drop pills "down the hatch" and hope for the best. But do we fully comprehend -- or even stop to consider -- the long-term impact of doing so? 

What's the cost to our short and long-term health, our bodies, our minds, our bank accounts?

Are the prescription drugs fixing our underlying problems? Or could they be merely suppressing symptom A? How do we know if and how a drug will work in our unique body? How do we know if it will cause short or unforeseen long-term problems X, Y, and Z? Do we really want to take such a risk on the only body we have to inhabit?

Could there be a safer, more complete, more lasting approach to healing our chronic health issues?

Given that I'm devoted to a practice of helping others through alternative, holistic health and nutrition, I suppose my answer might be a bit predictable.  ;) 

I most certainly think we need to seek non-pill solutions to our chronic health issues. Whenever possible.

What might be surprising is that I am not an advocate of shunning modern medicine.

It's far too valuable.

modern medicine + holistic health = best of both health worlds

There’s a time and place for modern medicine — when holistic health methods just won’t work (fast enough) against an imminent health threat.

For everything else, there’s a healthier, holistic solution.

Emergency rooms and the amazing people who work in them should not be overlooked. Modern medicine is incredible. Antibiotics can quickly combat deadly infections. Surgeries save lives. We have much to be thankful for in the realm of modern medicine.

There's really no reason that we can't seek out both options. 

I think sometimes patients, passionate health advocates, and health professionals can get caught up or stereotyped in the "either/or" trap, like it has to be a decision to EITHER trust in what comes out of modern medicine OR be an extreme health hippie who refuses to go to the hospital even at the risk of death. 

Turns out, that "either/or" thinking on modern vs holistic health methods just isn't necessary. In fact, it's the kind of thinking that doesn't get either side anywhere, and leaves everyone suffering the unhealthy consequences.

What we need is a happier balance between modern medicine and nature's "farm"acy. 

If our health needs are not of immediate impact, we should seek out safe, natural, lasting alternatives. If there are steps we can take to naturally improve and support our optimal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, we should seek these steps first. We should avoid cramming in (more) chemicals and synthetic drugs into an already unwell body.

We should harness the forgotten powers of nature and holistic therapies to help us prevent and combat chronic heath conditions -- things like diabetes, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, cholesterol, obesity, infertility, skin issues, chronic inflammation, auto-immune diseases, common cold/flu/infections, etc.

In immediate, life-threatening situations, we should most definitely draw on the amazing advances in modern medicine to get us through. When our very life or bodily health are in imminent danger, we most definitely should rely on the technological and advances of modern medicine. Even the most holistic health-minded among us should have shame in doing so. Modern medicine is an amazing advancement of modern society that we should be very thankful is there for us when we truly need it.

modern medicine + holistic health = best of both health worlds