My Interview on Emotional Eating - Real World Paleo Podcast

I'm so honored to have been interviewed about one of my favorite topics of all time: emotional eating!

The Real World Paleo Podcast and I pack in an honest, gritty discussion on the forms of emotional eating, why so many people are secretly struggling with this issue, and if there is hope for those who want to overcome their broken relationship with food.

I'm a little biased, but... I think you're really gonna like this interview!  ;)

EPISODE 26: Emotional eating & having a healthy relationship with food

Show Synopsis: Christine interviews certified nutritional therapy practitioner and instructor Laura Carr about her struggles with bulimia, binge eating and a host of health problems and how she overcame them and is now helping others with similar eating issues. We also talk about signs of emotional and unhealthy eating and steps you can take to find your triggers and get help.

Link to the Interview: Episode 26: Emotional Eating & Having a Healthy Relationship with Food 

Show Topics:

  • Laura’s Personal Story
  • The Many Faces of Disordered Eating
  • Physical, Mental or Emotional Eating?
  • Body Image
  • Emotional Eating: Common Triggers, Habits, Binge Foods + Dependency
  • Food for... Thought? Reward, Numbing, Anxiety, Joy, Grief + More
  • The Right Input for the Desired Output? 
  • Mindful Eating + the Principle of 3
  • Strategies, Resources + Support


Hope you enjoy the show!

And please check out the other great podcasts that the Real World Paleo Podcast offers!  It's run by two highly knowledgeable NTPs -- Stephanie Ewals, Out of The Woods Nutrition and Christine Lehmann, Reverse Diabetes Coach -- who dish about living healthy in the real world. They cover nutrition (including how to eat Paleo when you have diabetes or autoimmune issues), fitness, coping with stress, and what the research says. Tune in every Tuesday and learn, laugh and live empowered!