Organic Birth Control

Oral contraceptives -- a class #1 CARCINOGEN millions of women ingest DAILY.

The very same women, possibly, working toward more natural food and lifestyle choices. 

Any health-conscious woman still using artificial contraceptives is overlooking an imminent and alarming health risk. 



Artificial contraception and hormone replacement therapies like the pill, shot, ring, patch, implant, IUD, etc. have been directly linked to various forms of cancer and premature death. Artificial hormones are classified as Group 1 (most severe) cancer-causing compounds. Many women struggle with infertility and hormone imbalances for years after discontinuing use of artificial contraceptives. Not to mention the "standard side effects" that accompany the drug, shot, or device.



The use of hormone replacement/regulating methods and artificial contraception interferes with one of the human body's oldest and most basic processes: its capacity for reproduction. In the interest of perpetuating our species, human bodies have always had the built-in ability to produce offspring. Fertility is a default attribute of healthy human of reproductive age -- infertility is a sign of biological dysfunction. 

External means of suppressing/boosting hormones knocks the body out of homeostasis, its normal, preferred state of balance. It confuses and disrupts internal hormone regulators. In particular, it affects the hypothalamus and pituitary glands, master directors in the highly complex feedback loop responsible for continually assessing, regulating, and directing hormone production. Human bodies are not accustomed to handling months and years of hormonal excess or deficiency as caused by artificial contraceptives. Adaptations and abnormalities may occur at cellular, tissue, organ and/or system levels, which can lead to cysts, tumors, growths, cancers, and other forms of damage or serious bodily malfunction. 


If you're avoiding processed foods, hormone and antibiotic-laden meat or animal products, preservatives, chemically treated fruits and veggies, and toxic household and personal-care substances, you're making great strides to a healthier internal (and external!) environment. 

It doesn't make sense to be ingesting, injecting, implanting, or otherwise forcing artificial and carcinogenic chemicals and hormones into your body.

Especially when other options are available -- options that don't interfere with the natural law, your health, or your pocketbook!

Holistic methods for natural family planning abound. Not only are they safer and cheaper, they'll get you more in tune with the natural function of your body. You'll be able to check your body's signs that indicate when you're ovulating, when you're able to get pregnant, and when you're not able to get pregnant. You'll also be able to identify any irregularities.

And whaddya know, "there's an app for that!" Many natural fertility awareness and family planning methods have tools and apps to help you get started and continue to track your fertility! Here are just a few:



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