In addition to your appointment time, you'll get individualized:

  • nutrient test results + reports
  • personal health plan with food, herb, nutrient, activity, natural therapy + lifestyle recommendations to help you heal your body and pursue your health goals
  • tips, tools, resources + strategies to help you succeed
  • new insight + knowledge on your body, its symptoms, nutrition and connections between your food and health goals


While I do believe in and recommend supplements, 
I don't personally carry or sell supplements. I find this to be a conflict of interest. Because I don't sell supplements, you can feel safe knowing you'll never be pressured to use/buy them in my office.

Tools I Use

Some of the professional tools I use regularly when evaluating health include: 

  • Nutri-Q nutrient test -- that identifies exact nutrient deficiencies from more than 320 specific symptoms.

  • Functional body exam -- I use the body and 50+ indicators to check for inflammation or dysfunction within organs, glands, nutrient balances, or major systems of body.

  • Lingual-neuro testing and nutrient biofeedback -- indicates exactly which nutrients the body needs, and will benefit most from. Also identifies nutrients the body does not need  or that are negatively impacting or aggravating health concerns.

  • Functional Urinalysis -- to identify indications of major system or organ burden.

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