Return to balanced, mindful eating with holistic nutritional therapy, which helps you identify and implement simple solutions to keep your body, mind + spirit in health and recovery.

Services cover what your whole self needs -- a personalized health plan works with your body + its unique nutritional needs, and holistic solutions help nourish your mind and spirit. Support and accountability are available to help you through implementation and maintenance of the change you want. 

Holistic nutrition + food therapy work for a variety of health concerns. I specialize in:

  • Helping people return to normalized eating
  • Nutrition + support for disordered eating patterns (overeating, binge eating, undereating, purging, overexercise, food/sugar addiction, etc)
  • Identification of food allergies, trigger foods, and nutritional deficiencies
  • Methods of functional evaluation + urinalysis to assess organ function
  • Promoting weight loss, gain + management
  • Accountability + support

Also see the sections below on specific services in:

  • Women's health
  • Natural fertility management
  • Nutritional response testing
  • Urinalysis

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Services for women in all stages of life + fertility!


Education on the 100% natural + safe way of avoiding and achieving pregnancy. Learn the fertility signs of your body (mucus, cervix, BBT) and how to track them to determine if you're fertile. Great for women transitioning between cycle stages, or looking to get off artificial hormones, pills or devices, or those struggling with irregular/absent cycles or fertility concerns.


Nutrition and "pre-tox" (pregnancy prep + detox) therapies get mom and dad's bodies optimally happy and healthy in preparation for pregnancy. This protocol should ideally begin 6+ months before conception attempts, but any start time will heap benefits! Joint attendance of couple encouraged!


Proper nutrition and detox therapies balance vital female (or male!) hormones, replenish nutrient deficiencies, and cleanse and prepare both mom and dad's bodies for optimal fertility capacity. Extended strategies combat lifestyle-related hurdles to a couple's infertility. Joint attendance of couple encouraged!

Hormone Rebalance

Nutrition and lifestyle strategies will rebalance female hormones and heal issues like PCOS, PMS, PMDD, estrogen dominance, thyroid conditions, adrenal fatigue, acne, infertility, peri/menopausal struggles and more.

Pregnancy Protect

Focused nutrition and targeted support for optimal fetal development and the sustained well-being of mama's physical health and baby's optimal development with food, nutrition + natural therapies. Provides help + strategies for common concerns like morning sickness, (gestational) diabetes, cravings, macro/micronutrient intake for proper fetal body + brain development, special dietary needs, exercise adjustments, mama's appropriate macro/micro intake, mama/baby weight gain, avoiding/managing low iron or pre-eclampsia, prep to ensure breastmilk comes in, etc.

Nursing Support

Help boost or regulate a quality, nutrient-dense milk supply with practical, nutritional advising for mom + baby. Strategies for managing fussy, gassy or colicky babies. Help for succeeding in breastfeeding during the critical, early stages of infant growth.

PostPartum Repair

Holistic nutritional support and healing for mom's brain and body, so she's best able to care for herself and her family. Focused on restoring hormone balance, weight, mood, energy and nutrient stores, post-birth.

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Nutritional Response Testing & Food Allergy/Sensitivity Testing 

Bring in your foods or supplements so we can lingual-neuro + biofeedback test for your reaction and compatibility. Great way to discover your food allergies, sensitivities and need to dis/continue supplements.

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Urinalysis testing for indicators of major system + organ function.

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